Autobiography of Sunyogi

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Autobiography of Sunyogi
Sunyogi Umasankar
A5, pp. 298
ISBN ebook edition: 9788833467085

Be inspired by and rejoice in the unique life of Sunyogi, the living proof we can live on sun energy alone and survive in extreme climates and temperatures with only little clothing. In search for the greatest wisdom, he went high up among the snow peaks of the Himalayas, where he had the fortune of meeting the ageless saint, Mahavatar Babaji. Despite growing up in poverty and struggling for food and education, he found answers to our deepest existential questions and acquired an unfathomable feeling of bliss and calm.
The author reveals how he discovered the technique of looking towards and connecting with the sun, a technique that can solve any problem and provide rapid spiritual progress. We are guided through all Indian states in his six-year-long barefoot walk, introducing cultures, yogis, and spiritual concepts.
Sunyogi’s adventurous life will make you journey to perilous and scarcely known places, where he fought constantly for his life against fanatics, black magicians and wild animals. His rich life-experience together with deep introspection have shaped his philosophy, from which anyone can learn fundamental teachings.


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