Essence of Sunyoga


The primary purpose of this book is to foster further study into the field of Sun Yoga for practitioners who have already taken the beginner course of Sunyoga India™. Having the practical experience will dramatically improve the understanding of the book.
This been said, however, it is important to note that Essence of Sun Yoga speaks to everyone, even the uninitiated. It describes all 29 chakras in the human body through the knowledge that its author, Sunyogi Umasankar Ji, received from Mahavatar Babaji during his two meetings with him in 2007 and 2008. Unique to the book are its descriptions of the higher chakras and connection to higher siddhis (yogic extraordinary powers such as the ability to live without food, immortality etc.), as well as the subtle bodies beyond the Samadhi Chakra, which is the end goal of the Ashtanga Yoga from Patanjali.
The reader will thus get to know the practical techniques for Sun Yoga and learn how to practice it safely. Before starting actual practice with the Sun we suggest you follow the advice of an experienced practitioner to help you follow the technique in a correct and safe manner.
Sun Yoga will help you balance all the five elements at the same time, reducing the time for spiritual advancement dramatically compared to techniques where only one element is in focus. By adapting the techniques described in this book and applying a lot of patience and willpower, and by following your heart’s feelings, you will have the opportunity to reach self-realization and higher enlightenment stages.
The book also provides a deeper insight in yoga in general, since the author is well versed with the ancient scriptures and has the skillset to easily explain these symbolic texts and their practical implications for practicing the yoga of today. Through the use of stories, Sunyogi makes the reader familiar with certain situations in life, providing the right instruments to interpret and experience in a positive way life’s occurrences.
Furthermore, the book demonstrates how Sunyoga as a spiritual practice can have a greater impact on the future of humanity; it explains key aspects like Creation, procreation and Cosmology and how they are connected to our everyday life. The author’s intention when writing this book was to enlighten and help readers realize that peace at the individual level is connected to universal peace. The real understanding of this truth can only be attained by practical experience. Theory alone cannot give you the solution to your problems. Eventually you will have to put into practice what you learn, so that this book is really meant to serve you as an inspiration.
Sun Yoga is for the sake of humanity, it aims to create unity and brotherhood. All humans are welcome to come and practice regardless of race, cast, color, country or religion.
Be aware that this is the first and only book (Ali Ribelli Edizioni, 2018) written in English about Sunyoga India™ approved by the author for worldwide sale and distribution. Any other book published under the name of Sunyogi Umasankar Ji might be fraudulent and might have inadequate teachings.


ISBN 9788833461533

Language: English

Format: ePub & Mobi