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Lauren Mouat

Lauren grew up in California and wrote her first short story at the age of nine about a train ride to a magical world. She moved to Rome in 2010 with barely a plan and has worked as a journalist, a teacher and a tour guide.
She is the founder and editor of The Open Doors Review, a literary magazine published in English and Italian. She now lives in Livorno. Intermezzo is is her first published collection.


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Lauren Mouat, trad. Alessia Mennitti
Narrativa, Intrecci
ISBN edizione cartacea (testo a fronte Ita/Eng, 148 pp., avorio 100 gr, 203 x 133): 9788833469942
ISBN edizione eBook (ePub e Mobi): 9788833469959

I racconti presenti in questa raccolta sono incentrati su momenti di cambiamento, del valicare una soglia, passare oltre un cancello. Alcuni personaggi sperimentano la frammentazione che creare una casa in terra straniera comporta. Alcuni si innamorano o si disamorano. Altri crescono. Il testo a fronte ci ricorda che c’è sempre un altro modo per vedere il mondo e di raccontare una storia.

The stories in this collection center on moments of change, of crossing the threshold, of going through the gate. Some characters experience the fragmentation of making a home in a foreign land, speaking new languages, of falling into or out of love, or of growing up.  The parallel text itself is a reminder that there’s always another way to see the world and to tell a story.

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