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Christian Robshaw

Christian Robshaw has also written the novel Wankers and the collection Playing Silly Buggers, both published through Ali Ribelli Edizioni. He lives in North London with his wife and his dog and spent the lockdown period working on screenplays.

Playing Silly Buggers and Other Stories

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Playing Silly Buggers and Other Stories

Christian Robshaw

Narrativa umoristica
ISBN cartaceo: 9788833465364
ISBN eBook: 9788833465371

Sooty Stevens receives an unexpected visit from a barely-remembered acquaintance. Jim Christ finds redemption in the unlikeliest of places. An attempted break-up goes terribly awry. And a boy attempts to enforce law and order in wild Wales.

A set of stories by the author of Wankers, combining tenderness, wit, and often unlikely pathos, sometimes in the same paragraph.
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