QSG La Notte Eterna 5e

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Quick Start Guide La Notte Eterna 5e
Jason R. Forbus
ISBN print (21.59 x 0.36 x 27.94 cm, 58 pages full color): 9788833469348
ISBN eBook (PDF): 9788833469355

Nebvarasa is wracked by the Celestial War. The worlds are under siege by the gods and their powerful armies. Laon, god of the sun, was imprisoned and Neir has fallen under eternal darkness. Meteors in the shape of angels, demons and artifacts fall on the land, spreading chaos among mortals.

La Notte Eterna 5e is an epic-fantasy setting created by author Jason R. Forbus. The project was started more than 15 years ago and over the years has grown with new ideas, game mechanics, updates, edits and improvements. The setting currently comprises of a core manual of over 300 pages, a monster manual that adds dozens of new creatures and mechanics, a collection of short stories based in the world of Neir offering ideas for new quests and characters, and an adventure to get you started in La Notte Eterna 5e (Creeping Death).

This QuickStart Guide has been designed to provide all the elements necessary to start exploring and playing La Notte Eterna 5e. It includes three new playable races, two paths, a summary description of the kingdoms and of the gods as well as a one-shot adventure and a link to download the character’s sheet and a battlemap.

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