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Raymond A. Vaudo was born in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA, in 1954. His father and mother had settled there after relocating from Gaeta, Italy, in 1947. Raymond is a dual citizen of the United States and Italy (comune di Gaeta.)

At the age of four, Raymond and his parents moved to San Pedro, California, a coastal community in Southern California that has a Mediterranean climate and geographical features much like Gaeta, the place where the family roots are deeply planted. Raymond grew up, married, had two sons, and still resides in San Pedro with his wife.

Raymond holds a bachelor’s degree in marketing and a master’s degree in¬†business administration from California State University, Long Beach. He had a successful career as a leader in the U.S. Federal government and now serves as a management and training consultant.

In his mid-60s, Raymond reviewed old recordings and documents that his father left for him before he died in 2000. His father had mentioned that he wanted “his story” told. The result was the publication of the book, A Gaetano in America, by Ali Ribelli Edizioni, in his father’s birthplace of Gaeta, Italy. The success achieved with this publication has inspired Raymond to write additional works related to his heritage and other interests.

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A Gaetano in America

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A Gaetano in America
Raymond A. Vaudo
ISBN print edition (203 x 133 mm, 138 pp., cream paper): 9791222429793 
ISBN eBook edition (ePub): 9791222429939 

This is the untold story of a proud Italian named Pietro Paolo Vaudo who was born in Gaeta, Italy, in 1915. Through his memoirs, he recalls his early years of schooling and some memorable misadventures that lured him into the workforce at an early age. He recounts his family’s fishing business and his contentious relationship with his oldest brother. Although he learned to fish as a young child, he grew increasingly dissatisfied with the prospects of living his whole life as a fisherman in the small town of Gaeta.
He joined the Italian Navy shortly before his twentieth birthday for a tour of 28 months. At that time, he had no idea of the true duration of his military service and of the harsh and perilous events that were to come. As World War II raged on, Italy extended his naval service, and he was subsequently captured by the Germans as a prisoner of war. He shares with us his unexpected travels and remarkable events as a prisoner of war with incredible detail. As his captors moved him from place-to-place, he shares with us his thoughts of survival as he holds out hope of returning home to his birthplace РGaeta, Italy.
Not long after his return to Gaeta, he told his mother and family that he was ‚Äúgoing to America.‚ÄĚ He details his travels to America and his unusual ‚ÄúItalian style‚ÄĚ courtship with his wife-to-be. The journey to America and his courtship were also not flawless undertakings. He persevered and made it to America, married, and had a son to carry forward the Vaudo surname and family lineage. He stayed in ‚ÄúAmerica‚ÄĚ the rest of his life but chose to remain an Italian citizen residing in the United States.

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